Sunday, September 1, 2013

More Exploring

This week's activities:

Picnic in Marblehead (at a lighthouse) and then visiting Salem

marblehead was really pretty
Salem was a little too witchcrafty for us, but Chad loves some old bookstores..

The next day we visited Gloucester and Rockport
Gloucester was our favorite

Its America's oldest seaport and had lots of neat antique stores and a really cool vintage record store that Chad loved

Rockport is super touristy but was fun to walk around and see 

I also had orientation Friday and it went well! I have 101 people in my class-crazY! But I made the commute in and out with no problems, and got to meet a lot of my classmates. I was really encouraged to meet a fellow believer also! I was also excited to be excited-I had a fear that I would doubt the PA career path like dentistry before, but instead I felt really ready and excited! Praise the Lord! What a blessing to be reminded of His faithfulness in calling us here.

We have also gotten to hang out with some friends this Labor Day weekend.
We went to Newburyport River Music Festival on Saturday which was fun. We really enjoyed The Lone Bellows (check them out :)

We also went somewhere to watch the Auburn game with some fellow Auburn fans which was fun-War Eagle for that win!
Today we tried a third church-an EPC plant, which went well. But I am just again ready to fill in that hole!

Missing you all and hope to have visitors in the near future :)
Nick's famous roast beef :)

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  1. Praying that you will find a place for your heart and soul to rest ~ John and I know that feeling. Moving to a tourism locale was a shock when it came to finding a place of worship that felt like we were home. I'm loving the photos ~ you have a talent for capturing the moment. Much love to you both :)