Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hittin' the Books

We have been studying, studying, STUDYING!! Chad constantly has his nose in one of the many books he is reading for classes or studying Greek. It has motivated me to study more! I have had several tests and several more coming up, so we have both been working hard with late nights and early mornings! We are still trying to figure out what the balance of both being in school looks like for us.  However, it has been affirming though that we enjoy what we are studying and feel encouraged continually in God's call for us.

We have tried to take some breaks! We went apple picking on Saturday with some friends from Mississippi-the apple cider donuts are AMAZING!!

We also have been continually blessed in growing relationships with friends at the seminary, outside of the seminary, and for me at school in the city. It definitely has made studying easier to have friends to talk it through with! Also, we have been excited to have relationships with people who are extremely different from us, whether they be Christians or not.  Please join us in praying for these relationships and for great opportunities.  

We have our "official" sign on our door-no longer the welcome note :)

Some praises and updates-I have a babysitting job two afternoons a week that is a big help financially and I really enjoy it! Also, Chad found a local property where he will be allowed to hunt-YAY!! I truly am so happy for him :) I am also incredibly thankful for a New Wive's class I am taking at the seminary which has been a huge blessing!

Prayer requests-Please pray for continued transition and financial support. Also, for these new relationships outside our seminary bubble :)

Happy Fall!

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  1. Praying with your requests in mind. It's enjoyable being a tiny part of this journey with you two! So thankful you have a blog. And yay for hunting grounds and friends!! Love and hugs to you both ~ may His blessings continue to rain up in you.