Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hittin' the Books

We have been studying, studying, STUDYING!! Chad constantly has his nose in one of the many books he is reading for classes or studying Greek. It has motivated me to study more! I have had several tests and several more coming up, so we have both been working hard with late nights and early mornings! We are still trying to figure out what the balance of both being in school looks like for us.  However, it has been affirming though that we enjoy what we are studying and feel encouraged continually in God's call for us.

We have tried to take some breaks! We went apple picking on Saturday with some friends from Mississippi-the apple cider donuts are AMAZING!!

We also have been continually blessed in growing relationships with friends at the seminary, outside of the seminary, and for me at school in the city. It definitely has made studying easier to have friends to talk it through with! Also, we have been excited to have relationships with people who are extremely different from us, whether they be Christians or not.  Please join us in praying for these relationships and for great opportunities.  

We have our "official" sign on our door-no longer the welcome note :)

Some praises and updates-I have a babysitting job two afternoons a week that is a big help financially and I really enjoy it! Also, Chad found a local property where he will be allowed to hunt-YAY!! I truly am so happy for him :) I am also incredibly thankful for a New Wive's class I am taking at the seminary which has been a huge blessing!

Prayer requests-Please pray for continued transition and financial support. Also, for these new relationships outside our seminary bubble :)

Happy Fall!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Gettin' in the Groove ;)

We are incredibly thankful for starting to get in the groove of things. Its been more of a transition and challenge than we thought to jump back into school, figure out the commute into the city, even just the timings of things, grocery shopping, finding pharmacies-all the little details of life that you just have to get the hang of in a new place! But, I am very grateful this week has finally started to feel a little less difficult to do all these things.

One of the biggest reliefs has been deciding on a church! We have decided to go to First Congregational of Hamilton, which is where our pastor and his wife went while they were here and then the new associate pastor our home church hired from here! So in addition to the connections, we went this Sunday again after trying two other churches, and it really felt like home. There was a church picnic after and everyone was so friendly and welcoming and inviting.  Also, Chad was introduced to a guy that hunts and they got coffee one morning and hit it off. We really enjoyed getting to meet their whole family on Sunday.  Praise God for such a quick answer to prayer!

Also, we are getting back into the mindset of students! Chad is constantly studying Greek--I just heard him pronouncing it in the shower..haha :) But he is enjoying his classes and already studying hard. We are so thankful he has been able to make friends in his class so we will have relationships during our whole time here, as a lot of our friends we have met are already in their second or third year.  One of his favorite new friends is from Germany, and we got to have him and his wife over for dinner this week, which was so fun! We also have a new friendship with a couple we met at Orvis! Such unique blessings to have met so many couples so quickly that we really enjoy.  Chad has a fraternity brother up here in seminary too that we love to hang out with him and his wife and watch Auburn football  :)

School for me is harder than I expected-but I'm so thankful to be excited and affirmed about being a PA! I also have been really excited this week to feel like I have classmates that are friends and that I can study with.  Its a neat opportunity to be surrounded by so many different people from different background and really be prayerful about how to minister well to them.

We have done fun things like a seminary wide Clam Fest, having people over for dinner and being treated to dinner by friends, a picnic with Bell Hall (our apartment)
, and last night we went into the city with a couple that introduced us to the North End-which is Italian restaurants everywhere! We had some great Pizza and got to try the famous Mike's Pastry cannoli-
 Tonight we are going into the city again for a date night! to see Shovels and Rope-a band we really like! and try and get some authentic Szechuan chinese and catch the end of the Auburn game with the Boston alumni !

Despite all the fun and blessings, there are definitely still waves of homesickness, and missing being known and loved.  Its probably all you people who are reading this-we miss you! come visit :)
So please pray for these times of feeling  homesick and lonely and that it would draw us closer to each other and strengthen our marriage, and most importantly draw us closer to our Savior. And that the gospel would go forward in our new friendships and relationships.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Favorite way to explore-Running (and now biking! :)

Just wanted to comment on how thankful I am to have such incredible places to explore and routes to run and new towns to explore each run and now bike rides (thanks to Scott and Amanda!:) Especially since I don't have this one to run every morning with anymore...
Missing her lots

These are the kinds of things I run by...

and houses and farms everywhere!..which this is not even that big compared to many..

Today I biked to Appleton Farms to return our milk bottle-had to stop for horseback riders crossing the road twice :)

Chad had orientation today and the rest of this week and I start class tomorrow!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

More Exploring

This week's activities:

Picnic in Marblehead (at a lighthouse) and then visiting Salem

marblehead was really pretty
Salem was a little too witchcrafty for us, but Chad loves some old bookstores..

The next day we visited Gloucester and Rockport
Gloucester was our favorite

Its America's oldest seaport and had lots of neat antique stores and a really cool vintage record store that Chad loved

Rockport is super touristy but was fun to walk around and see 

I also had orientation Friday and it went well! I have 101 people in my class-crazY! But I made the commute in and out with no problems, and got to meet a lot of my classmates. I was really encouraged to meet a fellow believer also! I was also excited to be excited-I had a fear that I would doubt the PA career path like dentistry before, but instead I felt really ready and excited! Praise the Lord! What a blessing to be reminded of His faithfulness in calling us here.

We have also gotten to hang out with some friends this Labor Day weekend.
We went to Newburyport River Music Festival on Saturday which was fun. We really enjoyed The Lone Bellows (check them out :)

We also went somewhere to watch the Auburn game with some fellow Auburn fans which was fun-War Eagle for that win!
Today we tried a third church-an EPC plant, which went well. But I am just again ready to fill in that hole!

Missing you all and hope to have visitors in the near future :)
Nick's famous roast beef :)