Sunday, August 25, 2013

We have been having so much fun! But I also feel it necessary to share the not so great parts, as that is what life is! Its never perfect, and that just makes us long for heaven more. So Friday we did a practice run taking the commuter rail into the city and then switching to the T subway system for how I will get to class.  It went well, and its a little over an hour commute.  I felt a little overwhelmed at that task daily, especially when our 5:15 train got delayed until 5:45.  We had plans with some new friends that afternoon, but they ended up canceling on us, and we just did a lot of walking around and trying on jackets at outdoor stores to see what to order in the current online sales.  I had some really lonely and down feelings, but its expected and a natural part of transition.  We miss MARGARET and JAKE who  would be down to do something fun with us :)
But we are incredibly thankful for all the new people who have been so gracious and kind and hospitable to us. Its given us a great reminder of Christian community, and we are so thankful!
Bell Hall cookout

I have finally convinced Chad to do some fun things, and we had the best day! (Great ideas, as well as bikes, from Amanda and Scott Bowen :)- we think of y'all constantly and wish we could have been here at the same time :) 
Thursday Night we went to Crane Estate (a castle, downtown abbey anyone?) for a picnic and concert on the lawn with a couple from MS (so nice to have southerners :) )

 the alleyway ended in ocean view

And Friday we went to Russell Orchards where they have pick your own fruit, apple cider donuts, farm animals and tons more! We did a wine tasting of blueberry, apple, peach etc wines that were so yummy!

Russell Orchards
We then rode our bikes down to Crane's beach

 Which was super crowded-clearly!-since it was saturday, but i was so thankful to finally go to the beach!

Today, we tried out a second church, First Pres Ipswich, with a couple who lives under us and went to lunch with them. Which was wonderful! Sundays have been the hardest days for me, I am really missing First Pres in Opelika -- church hopping and searching is not super fun. I am ready to have a church home and real community and friends, but I know it just takes time! Still incredibly grateful and trying to soak up and explore in these last days before I start orientation Friday and Chad next week after Labor Day. We miss you all-come visit!! Its incredible :)

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