Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Driving away from the loveliest village on the plains to head 21 hours north, tears began to stream down my face. Our hearts were so heavy to leave behind such a place of community and love. We got married here, rented our first house here, joined our first church together here and worked alongside an incredible ministry team with Auburn Cru. We had so many deep and rich relationships that it really hurt to leave. However, as I drove away, I already began to see a glimpse of the work The Lord has in store for us. I suddenly became so aware of how distant I can make The Lord when life is easy and comfortable and enjoyable. I immediately felt the knees of my heart bow as my eyes were opened to this. Truly being able to acknowledge Christ as ruler and leader of our lives felt so real and rich in that moment and I am so thankful for that. Because many times we don't feel it (because the God we serve is bigger than that). But what a gift and answer to prayer to be able to experience Christ anew and see His goodness and faithfulness enough to pursue us and not leave us where we are! So while I am deeply grateful for the blessings we had in Auburn, I am looking forward to the work He is doing in our hearts, drawing us constantly nearer to Him and desiring to make us more like Him.  We know this is going to be really hard, but really good. 

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