Tuesday, August 20, 2013

South Hamilton is BEAUTIFUL!!! the area is so green and has horse farms, orchards and beaches everywhere. We have been busy setting up our apartment and working on all kinds of transition things that happen in moving across the country.  We've been trying to enjoy where we are in the midst of the busyness! The best part so far has been how welcoming everyone has been. We are living on campus at Chad's seminary (Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary).
(Home sweet Bell Hall :)
Its so fun! Its like being in college again-dorm life! (except a good number of people have kids). Guys helped us move in, couples have brought us homemade brownies and cookies and handpicked flowers. People have already had us over for dinner and invited us to beach and pond outings and cookouts. It has been impossible to be sad or lonely with all the sweet new people! We are so so grateful!
We still have until after labor day until we start class, so we want to try and squeeze in some trips to the beach, bike riding in appleton farms, a concert at crane estate, and a practice train run into Boston!..I just have to convince Chad to take a break ;)


  1. Love the dorm! Thrilled to hear that you have been welcomed by so many sweet people! Makes my heart happy! Can't wait to hear more about it! Love you, Hav

  2. So glad everything is coming along and I will actually read this so keep posting :) Love you!


  3. yay! please keep posting:) really fun to see where y'all are!