Saturday, October 26, 2013

Getting Colder!

I've been blessed to realize over the past few weeks some of the Lord's purposes for me here, even in small ways.  I feel as I've had less "busyness" in the sense of not going out of town every weekend, not having so many relationships to always spend time with, and more time with Jesus and more time with my husband. (Even though we are busier!)  This is an answer to prayer.  I have been praying for my relationship with the Lord and intimacy with Him to deepen, as sometimes it feels routine and distant and even unattainable. I have felt the Lord richly bless and answer this over the past few weeks.  In my commute into the city, I have about 40 minutes on the commuter rail to sit and have a quiet time, read God's word and pray and process.  I am also starting a Bible study with the women of Bell Hall that is focusing on our personal walks and intimacy with the Lord, as well as a study that talks about really entering into God's throne room in time of prayer.  All of these opportunities have allowed me to really encounter Christ more.  Spending significant time reading the word where it is not a part of a "study" in the mornings and especially really trying to envision entering into God's throne-room while praying is incredible! I feel like I am being sanctified through seeing what is important and really trying to shape who I am based on God's word, rather than the picture of what I think a Christian should look like.  Its extremely liberating, but at the same time it has been a slow process that often feels lonely but I am now starting to see so much good in it.

Bike rides 

to the beach!

Lobster rolls!

White Coat Ceremony

Chad scouting his hunting "property"-Appleton Farms

Head of the Charles Regatta Race (with our friends Emily and Dan)

Special treat-Chickfila! theres only 2 in MA, and one is in a mall 20 min from us!

We also were so excited to have Katie and Jordan visit! Jordan was interviewing at Harvard Med (NBD :) and we met them for breakfast and his friend took us on a tour of Harvard and we got to see places only a student could take you. It was really cool, like Harry Potter! And it was so refreshing to see familiar faces and we really hope they move here!!

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  1. Just wanted you to know that y'all are missed down here in Auburn... but so glad y'all are enjoying this new chapter of life. I love seeing all of your GORGEOUS pictures. We're praying for you two!